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We are the Talent Fetchers

Fulgent Systems is a premier provider of recruiting and workforce solutions—we help companies compete for talent. With a legacy of experience in a variety of industries around the world, we partner with clients, listen to their needs, and customize visionary talent solutions that drive desired business outcomes. We leverage decades of experience to deliver contingent staffing, direct placement, executive search, employer branding, and workforce services worldwide.

With more than 2 years of industry expertise and our young Innovative Team we've become an industry leader with international clientele. We know how to match up with global trends, accommodate ever-changing businesses needs, and evolve with the changing technologies while keeping our core value intact.


“Traditional” recruiting methods are cumbersome and slow.  In order to be the pioneer of our industry, we’re continually evolving and growing.

Our unique approach combines leveraging key data, data analytics & data management , a high collective recruiting IQ and a dedicated relationship-driven approach to produce a rare combination of quantity and quality in facilitating great matches. 


Our specialized team discover and match skillsets, working styles and importantly, potentials. We stand by our selections, and support goals both personal and business.

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