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We are a global organization focused on delivering innovative talent solution and services to some of the most renowned companies all across the globe across all domains and technologies.

Our clients choose us as their principal partner for all their needs as we deliver our services with speed and reliability across the world.

We connect people—with a purpose.

We know that productivity means lot more than 8 to 5 working hours. It means having the right blend of talent—in the right place—at the right time. At Fulgent, we nurture skilled professionals who share your dream, enhance your vision and with their innovative thoughts convert it to reality.

We believe in innovation.

We're People-Customer-Oriented!

Just filling a position is cliché. We look at recruitment and talent solutions from customer-first perspectives and take it to the next level. At Fulgent, we take pride in providing you with talent that is a meaningful addition for your business.

We are more than a Name:
We are a Promise

We are passionate and have a craving to create high performance teams that can shape the future. We apply our expert industry knowledge across the globe to grow, redefine and streamline teams to produce the results you need.

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